Ayesha’s PhD thesis has been accepted!

Ayesha’s PhD thesis has been accepted!

Ayesha Tulloch’s PhD thesis has been accepted.  Well done Dr Tulloch!

Ayesha is currently working at a CEED post-doc on tools and approaches for prioritising investment in adaptive management and monitoring of multiple species and threats, and on trans-boundary conservation issues such as collaboration, large-scale species movements and international policy.She is also interested in the use of decision theory to address human-wildlife conflict where there are many different actors and values.

She works on a number of these projects with fellow CEED Researchers: Prof Hugh Possingham, Dr Michael Bode, Dr Jonathan Rhodes, Dr Graeme Doole, Prof Salit Kark (Israel), Dr Eve McDonald-Madden, Dr Tara Martin and Assoc Prof Brendan Wintle.

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